Our equipment

Green screen goes mobile
The magic ingredients There are many components that come together to enable us to deliver our services and we have sourced the most up to date equipment to provide them.
Updating our green screen equipment
One step ahead Because the events world changes all the time, we have to constantly update our equipment to keep up to date and hopefully one step ahead of other companies.
Social media event computer
Don't forget social media Along with the main camera equipment, we offer as standard a social media station. This is also brandable and enables guests to view all the photos taken so far at the event and to print extra copies, send to Facebook, Twitter, Email or their mobile phone.
Green screen cameras
Hardware The photo setup consists of professional Canon SLR and 4K video cameras, sub-dye printers, green screen curtains, LED lighting, touch screen technology, wireless displays and a lot of software that tie it all together. We sometimes use wireless clip-on microphones and autocues.
Fotofantasies green screen tv
Hi-tec equipment On a separate 50" TV screen we have a professional slideshow that randomly displays the photos taken. This can be branded according to your specifications with ticket text running along the bottom. We also have lovely mood lighting to 'soften' the overall look.
Fotofantasies backup equipment
Backup equipment From time to time problems do occur with the equipment, and because of that we have backups of all the most important equipment to ensure continuity of service.